Saturday, July 27, 2013

North Fife 27th July

Storm Clouds forming over The River Tay from Newburgh North Fife. Lately although very warm, the actual full sunlight hours have been half of the potential. Winds coming off points East bringing a haar that also  reduces sunlight dramatically.

Today there was more sun.  I visited a wee loch not far from Newburgh, nameless and quite hidden. 

Water Lilies. The Loch is bordered with hill to the South, trees and sedge to the North. It lies folded and protected. I love the rich abundance of the vegetation, clean clear water and tranquil nature of the situation. I'm not the first, I was sitting on a long bench seat bearing a plaque "Daves spot" . I can understand why.

I find it really exotic.

Shaped like a lice on the mapped landscape..

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