Monday, August 19, 2013

Newburgh Community Orchard North Fife

Entrance to the Orchard is located next to the car park adjacent to the school at the East end of Newburgh.

Newburgh Orchard Group (NOG)
its aims and history:

Until as late as 1960s, people living along the High Street sold fruit at their door.
Customers travelled annually at harvest time to buy a supply of plumbs, apples and pears for jam making and preserving for winter. This tradition was almost lost until NOG was founded in 2002.

The aim of NOG is to preserve, maintain and develop Newburgh's heritage as historic fruit growing area. This Community Orchard planted by NOG in 2004 is a resourse for school lessons. Used also for demonstrations of pruning, training and grafting fruit trees.
THe fruit in the Orchard can be picked by local people for their own use.

NOG activities include:

    Annual street fruit market.
    Jam making.
    Pruning/Grafting Workshops.
    Tree Survey.
    Heritage fruit and variety preservation.
    Apple pressing and juicing.

Newburgh continues to attract visitors to buy and enjoy the fruit and fruit produce.

Well worth a visit at harvest time.

 Variety, Discovery, one of my favourites. 

Plumbs, still green but a healthy crop.


Looks like a brilliant year, 


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