Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Newburgh Scarecrow Festival North Fife

Over 60 entries this year on the theme of musicals. Amazing creativity and application. Worth a visit.

Singing but no rain.

Must be Cats.

This appeared, the next day it was invaded, pirates from down South I think.

Joined later by this wonderful mermaid. A real gem.

In slight disarray at the opposite view across the road.

Dirty dancing, who would have thought?

Pop into the Tayside Institute but mind your head.

And so I did.

Do Re Mi So Fa La Ti ........

 Out of puff, I got there to the sound of lawnmowers.

Bowling green Fiddler, there has been a few.

The sun did shine today. mmmm



Artizania said...

Brilliant! How long this is on for? I'm hoping to visit Newburgh this Saturday, Oooh I hope the scarecrows are still there!

Peter Mannox said...

They should all be there Saturday, subject to weather, theft or vandalism