Thursday, June 06, 2013

Herb Robert North Fife

Herb Robert, Geranium robertianum, (syn. Robertiella robertiana) commonly known as Herb Robert, Red Robin, Death come quickly, Storksbill, Dove's Foot, Crow's Foot, or (in North America) Robert Geranium, is a common species of cranesbill in Europe, Asia, North America, and North Africa.

Herb Robert is known to medical herbalists as a good all-rounder and preventative tonic because of germanium.
Germanium’s remarkable effects on the immune system are well known in medical fields. It has a good reputation as an energy giver, immune builder, and as a powerful therapeutic and preventative, and also as a vigorous adaptogen, acting to rebalance minor or major health imbalances in the body.
Germanium provides antibiotic, antiviral and antioxidant help which is all the more important nowadays when our bodies are having to cope with so many different kinds of pollution from different sources.
So why not look out for it? It’s very pretty, with its purpley stems, and hard to miss with its crane bill, furry buds and delicate pink flowers. And the leaves are like tiny ferns, which you can chop up and put in your salad.
It seems to thrive in poor soil, gravel paths and edges. In manicured gardens it is eradicated as an unwanted weed. A waste, given its powerful medicinal remedies. Feeling under the weather? Give it a try, it might just produce that extra zest to life.

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