Monday, June 10, 2013

Coble Boat Races North Fife

Coble Races North Fife, An annual event usually twinned with the Newburgh Highland Games, alas this year they were cancelled due to the condition of the ground. This year it was lower key, no aeroplane aerobatics, no police, no candy floss, no nonsense, just boating. In my memory one of the best.


Junior races line up for the shotgun start.

Away the leaders go.

No 1 pulling a gnats whisker.

Rounding the marker boat.

In order.

Boat No 1 well away in the next heat.

 Pulling to the marker boat.

Heading for a collision No2 heading for the turn, No 3 on the way back.

Phew, just made it.

No 2 again mixing it with another boat.

The boys in No 2 made many attempts to round the marker boat in a dramatic change of the weather conditions. The wind veered to the East from the South blowing hard on the incoming tide, made for very swelling and choppy water.

 A line is attached and a free ride back.

A much applauded return, we all know it's the taking part that counts.

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