Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tayview Sky Newburgh North Fife Feb 23rd 2013

Tayview Sky Newburgh North Fife Feb 23rd 2013. At last the days are drawing out and light is returning. Today at evening time the light had a wonderful quality, ever changing of course, cloudy to the West but less so to the East.

Looking West from Newburgh.

 Looking North  to a shaft of bright sunlight illuminatig the reedbeds surrounding Mugdrum Island.

 A few minutes later the light is even more dramatic.

Looking East to Dundee bathed in a warm glow.

 Almost full Moon

Dundee from BlackEarnside.

River Tay from Fliskmillan. This and the preceeding photographs span about 15 mins, it later gave up incredible scarlet vistas, too late I was having my tea.

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Anonymous said...

Some wonderful images. I see the beautiful skies round here as I whizz around chauffeuring kids but don't have time to stop and get the camera out!