Thursday, February 07, 2013

Losar 2013 Female Water Serpent

Wishing you a very happy, auspicious, healthy, all accomplishing and prosperous New Year.
Calligraphy by Tashi Mannox representing the year of Female water Serpent. Losar, Tibetan New Year.
A New Year card produced by Samye-Ling. The Artist is Lama Thubten Kunsal from a monastery in Derge Eastern Tibet, Copyright Samye-Ling Scotland. On a secular level these qualities are ascribed for this year of the the snake. Female Water Snake. Year of Transformation by Mary Shurtleff Year of Transformation Not everything you see is what you see it as. It is only how you see it at the moment. Milton Erickson 'Nothing is as it seems' could possibly be a theme for the year of the Female Water Snake—2013, as she mesmerizes and hypnotizes the masses into believing that which is not really there. As she creates illusions of grandeur, leaving questions of what is real and what is not, it becomes difficult to know what is illusion and what is reality. But then on the other hand---what is the difference between illusion and reality? Doesn't the illusion become our reality? This year could get very tricky!! The word illusion is an erroneous perception of reality, concept, or belief. The word reality means a state of being actual or true, the totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence. Simply saying something is a reality doesn’t make it so. Sometimes the reality of a situation is only an illusion of our perception at the time of the incident occurred. We all have different illusions of what reality really is. Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly" - Morticia Addams. This year the Female Water Snake will bring you illusions of what your future can be. As she winds and spins herself higher and higher transforming the world and mesmerizing the belief systems of many, we will see a new consciousness emerge. The Snake feels and senses its way through life and represents spiritual rebirth, elusiveness and exploration of life's mysteries. In the Chinese astrological system, the large 60 year cycles (which contain the smaller 12 year cycles) are profoundly important. Although each animal sign repeats every 12 years, the specific combination of animal and element occur only once every 60 years. Not since 1953 have we had the alignment of Water (stem) & Snake (branch) year. The ending or culminating months of deep and covert Water Snake years is the winter, the period of dormancy and quiet gestation. The Water Snake rules ponds and stagnant pools, peat and bamboo. Water of the marshes Water of winter nights, calm and deep water to be feared and respected. Still water sheltering underwater secrets asleep in its depths; sinking and muddy. Profit from this year to restore your energies and regain your inner balance. Avoid overwork or any excesses which will follow with depression. Maintain your equilibrium and do not waste your energy. Don't go too far too quickly. This years Water element will be socially beneficial, calming and conducive to meditation and interpersonal contact. The nature of the deeply feeling Snake year is "gradual and gathered strength," bringing a more moderate than radical year. During Snake years, our concerns turn toward inner-growth, spirituality and discovering the reasons behind things. Sensual Snakes are sensitive to changes in weather, dislike the cold, and accordingly during Snake years warmer climates are preferred. A creative, artistic year, filled with pleasure, enlightenment and beauty. Music, dance, art galleries and museums thrive. 2013 brings a slower paced, quiet, behind-the-scenes lifestyle. A deep-thinking, philosophical year, where intuition and all things middle-of-the-road reign supreme. Beware the green eyes of jealousy in 2013, as Snakes are also quite possessive of that which they call their own. Carnal passions and deliciously scandalous romances abound. Some of the most physically beautiful women and powerful men were born under this sign. Sexuality is a Snake speciality. Looks like a sexy year then, mmmmmmm..... Enjoy

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