Saturday, February 16, 2013

Not On the Label What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate

This prescient book first published in May 2004 says it all, a great pity that more notice was not taken at the time.

Not On the Label
What Really Goes into the Food on Your Plate


Guild of Food Writers Jeremy Round Award : Winner 2005


We no longer trust what we eat. We lurch instead from food scare to food scare while farming is in crisis around the world. A handful of retailers and food manufacturers exert unprecedented control over what we eat and where we buy it. We have come to depend on processed food that is routinely adulterated.

In a series of undercover investigations tracking some of the most popular foods we eat at home, Felicity Lawrence travels from farms and factories to packhouses and lorry depots across the world. She discovers why beef waste ends up in chicken, why a third of apples are thrown away, why all wines taste the same. She meets the hidden armies of migrant workers exploited throughout Britain on whom our supermarkets depend. And she shows how obesity, blighted town centres, motorways clogged with juggernauts, environmentally ravaged fields in Europe and starving smallholders in Africa are all intricately related aspects of our newly globalized, industrialized system of 21st-century food production.

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