Friday, October 12, 2012

Ducks North Fife 2012

Mostly Swedish Blue Duck, not pure bred. Ducks are amazing birds, the drakes are very rampant and if they can get their way, they do. The results are quite amazing with genetic qualities of parentage showing through. We have 9 ducks and 1 drake, he is mainly a caller, smallish, noisy and flies with ease. He manages to mount the ducks but has a hard time with the Indian runners with longer necks. To put you in the picture, the drake mounts the duck holding her head down in its bill, she in turn offers her rear end only he can't always reach. It takes a lot of attempts and if they are on water the duck is sometimes drowned. Randy, we all know the mating imperative, ducks have it big style, hence the mixtures that result.
Mallard Cross, both of these ducks are 4 months old and will be laying eggs in the new year.

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