Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Brunton and Luthrie Fields North Fife

Rain clouds over Brunton North Fife. It's that kind of a year, rain, sun, rain and a little sun.
Harvested fields in-between Brunton and Luthrie, I like the delineation made by the combine harvester, instead of a crop texture lines are clearly drawn, this way and that.
Crop lines Brunton, a couple of springs showing in the field. Where ever there are hills there will be springs, then wee burns feeding rivers, these start the Motray Water snaking its way through North Fife, Luthrie, Rathillet, Kilmany, Leuchars and into the sea with the river Eden at Guardbridge. Amazingly brown trout can be found in Brunton in just a few inches of water.

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