Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Day Monimail North Fife

Apple Day Monimail North Fife. They had a fantastic fun range of apple and autumnal related activities for you to get involved in, suitable for the whole family. They were excited to welcome two apple and orchard experts along to the event who gave talks and tours: Andrew Lear, AppleTreeMan Nurseries - Apple Identification, Propagation, Orchard Care and more Crispin Hayes, Eco-Consultant - Orchards in North Fife and Carse O’ Gowrie Other activities included… Fruit Picking, Apple Tasting, Apple Pressing, Cider Making, Preserving and Storing the harvest, Seed Saving, Orchard Tour, Apple Crafts and Games, They ran an apple themed cafĂ© with soup, cakes and more. The apple juice was delicious.
Andrew Lear of AppleTreeMan Nurseries explaining apple and pear identification with scores of examples.
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Fabulous organically grown apples at Monimail.
Leeks & beetroot. The ancient walled garden, resurrected and worked by the small community that have lived there for the last 30 odd years provides superb vegetables mindfully cultivated in a sustainable way. If you're a veggie, then you'll be in heaven.
Meanwhile Monimail Tower gets a face lift.

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