Sunday, January 01, 2012

Oddfellows Parade Newburgh North Fife

Emerging from The Steeple, Newburgh High Street, North Fife. An annual event to raise funds for the elderly in Newburgh. The high street is closed for the duration which is about an hour. The
Order Oddfellows was first constituted early in the nineteenth century and has evolved to become The Caledonian Friendly Lodge of Oddfellows. The order is steeped in secret symbolism and one would have to become a member to find out. The photos below are in order of taking, it rained, sometimes it snows and other years its been really cold. Stops occur along the way to share in a dram or two as can be seen.

A horse is always part of the Parade.

Returning to the starting point.

Processing back into The Steeple.

The chest that contains symbolic elements.

Staffs put to rest for another year.

They're not called Oddfellows for nothing.
In between these photos I shot HD video only to find my antiquated PC incapable of handling the giant file sizes. To follow at a later date.

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