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A Bigger Message Conversations with David Hockney

David Hockney, OM, CH, RA, (born 9 July 1937) is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer, who is based in Bridlington, Yorkshire and Kensington, London.

An important contributor to the Pop art movement of the 1960s, he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the twentieth century.

A Bigger Message Conversations with David Hockney
`There is much to be enjoyed in - and much to be discovered from - this will find out much else behind Hockney's extraordinarily voracious appetite for reinvention and self-scrutiny'
--Art Quarterly

`I devoured this from cover to cover and can highly recommend it, because much like Gayford's other recent book on Lucian Freud (Man with a Blue Scarf) the conversational flow leads the reader to many other ideas around and beyond its subject'
--The Bookseller

'Part anecdote, part diary, part essay, part biography, it's a shot in the arm for all painters and a must-read for all who want a sound and stimulating introduction to the great challenges of any artist that are both timeless and pertinent' --James Hanley, The Irish Times

`Beautifully illustrated (and very fairly priced) ... This man is blessed with great gifts, and he shares them with great generosity' --Margaret Drabble, The Guardian

`A must read for fans everywhere of the straight-talking Yorkshireman' --The Daily Express

`Elegantly and simply written ... full not only of good-quality reproductions of Hockney's paintings, but characterful photos of the artist at work' --The Observer

'A remarkable picture of Britain's greatest living artist'
--The Daily Telegraph

`Martin Gayford has an exceptional ability to get artists to open up to him. His new book... offers a fascinating self-portrait of the artist (Hockney) in the words and ideas of a painter who, for the last 60 years, has consistently reinvented the art of representing the world.' --RA magazine

In this remarkable book, a record of a decade of private conversations with art critic Martin Gayford, David Hockney reveals via reflection, anecdote, passion and humour the fruits of his lifelong meditations on the problems and paradoxes of representing a three-dimensional world on a flat surface. These conversations are punctuated by wise and witty observations from both parties on numerous other artists, and enlivened by shrewd insights into the contrasting social and physical landscapes of California, where Hockney spent so many years, and Yorkshire, the birthplace to which he has returned. Some of the diverse people he has encountered along the way from Henri Cartier-Bresson to Billy Wilder make entertaining entries into the dialogue.
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