Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Newburgh North Fife; A Historic Trail

Newburgh A Historic Trail' by L.K.Pinfold. It is probable that there has been a settlement or village on the present site from a much earlier period than the end of the 12th century but in 1266, because of the founding of Lindores Abbey, the village was renamed Newburgh and granted to the Abbot by King Alexander III.
This little guidebook gives a concise history of Newburgh, Fife and its traditions and has details and illustrations of all the interesting historical features to be found in the village today. It's amusing to think that the carved stone which serves now as a pub sign for the Bear Tavern was once above the door of the Abbot's chambers at Lindores Abbey and it shows how bad the reputation of the monks was at the time of the Reformation. The book is on sale in the two village charity shops and a portion of the price goes to support both the local community and cat rescue. If you would like a copy and can't come to Newburgh just click on this link.

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