Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Warstone Lane Cemetery

When in Birmingham last week I visited Warstone Lane Cemetery in the Jewellery Quarter. I have no known relatives there but my Sister is involved in a restoration project of this and adjacent Keyhill Cemetery.
As a craftsman I was really taken by the exquisite stone carving on some of the headstones, skilfully drawn and cut. Such a pity that over time the soft sandstone has yielded to the previous corrosive atmosphere of an industrial city. Even now one can walk the streets of the quarter and get a whiff of hydrochloric acid. The cemeterty has an open day, 2nd Saturday in September, interested and volunteers should contact.

Headstone to John Rea.

Headstone to John Price Cook.

Within this space recently an offering of meat, spirits and sweeties had been made. ? Why, I don't know. Perhaps these people might know.

Clearly a ceremony has taken place, click to enlarge and study the drawings.

A discrete spot in Warstone Lane Cemetery where one or more partake.

Wonderful headstone, such carving in Memory of Isherwood Sutcliffe Died 1871 Designed and erected by L W Sutcliffe 1888.

Erected to the Memory of Bro George William Manley, P.P.G.A. Died July 11th 1935, Aged 90 Years. By the Ancient Order of Druids Mercia No 4. "A Gentleman and a Druid"

For those who wish to enquire further.

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