Saturday, April 09, 2011

M6 Motorway North Bound

Heading home, this car draws alongside, hovering, is it a stalker? is it the Law? No, it's a friend on the same patch of road, heading home like myself. There we were driving, consuming oil along with a million or so other motorists in the UK, that's millions of Litres every single day. Mind boggling, We are all part of it. Just imagine the enormous quantities consumed non stop. It's no wonder wars are fought over it. It's going to run out anyway.

290 miles to go.

M6 Motorway going North.

This is how it is. Notice the traffic in the opposite direction, stop start, and any part of like that until you get up North. What a relief.


Jim Stott said...

The flow of traffic on a long motorway trip is extraordinary, some vehicles you see again and again, others are there, then gone.
I saw Peter coming past me somewhere in Cheshire and I was about 4 cars behind him for at least 15 miles. Then the flow opened a gap beside him for me to cruise alongside and say hello... then he was gone!

Peter Mannox said...

It was an exchange of wonderful hello's and smiles. The temptation to communicate and dance up the motorway was great. Alas Jim, you were of a different way of mind. I enjoyed the drive anyway.

Jim Stott said...

Sadly I don't know the sign language for "stop at the next services for an espresso"... well, not without taking both hands off the wheel! It was indeed a good drive and I arrived home to a beautiful sunset.