Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fruit Trees North Fife

Bird Cherry trees, full of blossom and typical of this time of year. The apple trees are yet to flower.

A closer look at bird cherry blossom.

In amongst the burgeoning orchard this cockerel is diligent in keeping guard over his flock.

Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) often used as a root stock but useful plums anyway. Super abundant every year.

Plum flowers, I'm ignorant of the variety, Damson in colour but larger. Could be an impressive output this year.

Sloe flowers.

Blackthorn (sloe) blossom. Years ago I planted blackthorn as part of a hedge surrounding the garden without realising its nature. It seems the roots take off throwing up growths 5/6 metres away from the parent plant, ok in some places but a nuisance when they irrupt in the lawn. The production of sloes is welcomed for sloe gin, I tried once making sloe jam, forget it, even with heaps of sugar it's a cheek sucking experience.

Pear flowers, it's still a very small tree, last year it produced three pears and if this year the flower display matures into fruit, fantastic.

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