Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snake Charming

Snake Charmer in Damthang Sikkim. From Darjeeling I once took a jeep to cross into Sikkim, it crossed a little used border control and eventually arrived at Damthang where we were told we could take a bus. Whilst waiting with others a snake charmer unloaded his wares and proceeded to entertain with his act. Snakes, I had seen dancing bears in Kolkotta but never snakes. Anyway to the consternation of my travel companion, the charmer snakes and all got on the same bus. The nibbles on the ride were cardamom seeds shared with passengers, pleasant compared to the nibbles in Nepal which were spring onions, a totally different kettle of fish. Eventually we arrived at the road end to Rumtek just past Ranipool, thence a mile in altitude hike to Rumtek Monastery.

Snake charmer.

Snake charmer bedazeling his attractions with movement.

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