Sunday, December 05, 2010

North Fife Snow December 2010

It's been a while now with snow and freezing temperatures, the initial acceptance has changed into a fed-upness. It's -6 degrees outside the now and I'm sitting in an unheated part of the house hence the reluctance to post over the last few days. Most of the UK has suffered from this unusually early prolonged snowfall and the chaos as a result. These are my winter pics from north fife.

Approaching snow.

A slow slow melt.

More on the way.

Meanwhile the geese fly in.

Our ducks December 2nd, they emerge each day, waddle down the garden and shelter under the hedge.

Evening at Flisk.

Ice forms.

No way in or out.

The missing car.

On the way home. Brrrr

Newburgh High Street.

Newburgh High Street December 2nd.

Tayview from BlackEarnside.

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