Wednesday, December 15, 2010

High Light: A Vision of Wild Scotland [Hardcover]

Fabulous photographs of a fabulous place. Scotland is a gem of the UK. This collection of photographs will grace and enrich any home.

High Light: A Vision of Wild Scotland [Hardcover]
Colin Prior's work is about landscape photography at its limits. Shooting at the magic hours of dusk and dawn, he catches those rare moments when composition, fine light and colour combine to create a remarkable image. Each photograph captures fleeting moments of nature which will never repeat themselves exactly. The images verge on obsession - Prior camped out on the remotest peaks in Scotland to obtain them. This stunning new collection documents the dynamic nature of the Highlands landscape and wildlife - and sounds a clarion call for a new, engaged naturalism. In a world where the environment is increasingly being damaged, Prior argues, we should regain touch with what's left of the natural landscape rather than rely solely on superimposed solutions. A key reason why the natural environment is now in peril is precisely because of failures to understand its dynamic, in-flux nature. The portfolio combines breathtaking new examples of Prior's trademark panoramas - which continually appeal to the tourist/travel market - with a range of new medium-format images that push the boundaries of digital photography, of huge interest to his dedicated technical following.
About the Author
Colin Prior is one of the world's leading panoramic photographers, celebrated for his images of wild places. His work has appeared in books, calendars and exhibits around the world. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers. Born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1958, his proximity to the Highlands had a powerful influence that helped shape his passion for the elements. As Bruce Stannard wrote of Colin Prior's second book Scotland The Wild Places, 'When he peers through his lens in the fleeting, ethereal light of dawn and dusk Colin sees not merely mountains and lochs and corries but the spiritual essence of the Scottish landscape.'

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Treat yourself and others.High Light: A Vision of Wild Scotland

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