Monday, November 08, 2010

X-rays : Google celebrates the 115th anniversary

X-rays : Google celebrates the 115th anniversary of their discovery and so do I. Without such procedure how could we know of how things are within the body? Below are some personal examples. I was in hospital for an unrelated condition and mentioned that my knees were in need of attention. X-rays displayed this to be beyond doubt and immediately I was placed on the short list for remedial surgery, 10 weeks later I have a new knee. For all of my readers in other countries this is a free service. National Health Service, what can better that. I know it's a contentious issue in America but come on how can anyone deny health care to those who are not rich. Here in Britain it's a case of govermental compassion and quite right too.

New knee replacement, the row of little loops are temporary staples.

Front view of new knee replacement and realignment. Below is how it was just a few weeks ago. I'm happy to report that the knee is now painless except for the supporting tendons in both legs as they readjust, hopefully it's just a matter of time and use.

Front view of my damaged knee.

Side view of my left leg knee.

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