Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tayview 27th November

Today November 27th, bright but really cold. Views of The River Tay from Flisk and Black Earnside on my way to Newburgh North Fife.
I arrived home this evening to hear that one of our chickens had disappeared, probably taken by a Sparrow Hawk or other raptor given that all the other chickens and ducks were spooked and in hiding under the hedge and in their houses. It was a young hen and not a cockerel which would be less missed. It's difficult to protect them from airborne predators. The hapless chicken was just coming up to point of lay. Harrumph.

Tayview from Black Earnside Newburgh.

Tayview from Flisk Nov 27th.

Tayview 27th November looking to Errol over the exposed sandbanks.

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