Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tibetan Calligraphy Tashi Mannox

Eh-Wam water study calligraphy by Tashi Mannox. It's always a joy to see one's offspring being creative.

cause and effect
Chinese ink on Heavy water colour paper, 57x76 cm, 2007

The heavy debts of past negative actions are always collected by the law of Karma.
Equally any positive actions accumulated will result in the fruition of good Karma.

There is no rule in time to say when good and bad Karma will ripen, other than all the relevant causes and conditions come together for that particular ‘karma’ to manifest.

Generally, Karma can be defined as ‘personal karma’ and ‘collective karma’:
‘personal’ as a result of our own intention and action,
‘collective’ as a result of a unified conditioning, such as a collective intention and action, of a family, city, nation and as a world.

In this piece, the main word ‘Karma’ in Uchen script stands strong, supporting an accumulation of words that repeatedly read ‘cause and effect’.
cause and effect - Tibetan Calligraphy

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