Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Opium Poppy North Fife

Opium Poppy. PAPAVER SOMNIFERUM, growing wild in North Fife, many years ago I spyed a cultivated field of them near Newburgh, it was at a time when test crops were being put to trial throughout the UK a few in each county.

Opium poppy heads, it looks about time.

Opium for the masses. Harvesting Nature’s Best Pain Medication.
The first edition of this book, published 15 years ago, became a phenomenon. Michael Pollan wrote about Hogshire and his book in Harpers magazine, amazed that the common flower, P. somniferum or opium poppies, grows wild in many states and the UK that it can also be made into a tea that acts in a way similar to codeine or vicodin. This new edition enlarges the book's scope to instruct readers on growing and harvesting methods, with information showing how medical books once praised opium as the world's most useful medication, and how it become demonized with racist pulp literature.
Learn how to supplement your own medicine chest with natural pain medicine without costly and difficult trips to doctors hamstrung by pernicious laws to prescribe proper pain relief.
This new edition features material on legal issues and further recipes, including how to make Laudanum and how heroin is created in the depths of of the Afghani poppy fields.

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