Monday, July 26, 2010

The Big Tent Opening Falkland North Fife

Stewards gather for the opening of The Big Tent Festival in the Centre for Stewardship.

Big Tent Opening by Stewart Stevenson MSP. The biggest and best Eco festival. The Big Tent, Falkland, Fife Scotland, Celebrating Fife.

Adelaide Sosseh, Co-Chair of the largest anti-poverty campaign in the world, the keynote speaker at this year's Big Tent Festival.

Ninian Crichton Stuart (more commonly known as Ninian Stuart) is the Hereditary Keeper of Falkland Palace a former Scottish royal palace in Falkland, Fife.

Stuart lives in Falkland and is a former Stewardship Director for the Falkland Heritage Trust. He is a co-founder of Falkland Centre for Stewardship, which runs the annual Big Tent festival that takes place in July in Falkland.

Francis Melville, Provost of Fife attending the opening with Councillor Andrew Arbuckle, Sir Menzies Campbell MP Stewards and press. I was drawn to the superb gold chain of office originating from The Marquis of Bute, it was beautifully made, stone set, heavy and enamelled. I was totally won over by her charming allure.

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