Thursday, July 29, 2010

Foods and Drink at The big Tent

We all eat, we all become hungry below are some of the vendors I came across over the three days of the Festival.

Stoats Porridge.Stoats began with an idea in 2004 to serve fresh porridge at music festivals. "We listened to our mates moan and groan about what they had to eat to survive at music festivals. We knew that porridge would make a healthy, filling and tasty eating option, so we decided porridge was the future (and quite a cool way to spend the summer). Bob and Tony got a shiny wee mobile porridge bar and started selling freshly made porridge right across the UK, and festival audiences loved it (and still do - look for the biggest queue at breakfast and you've found Stoats Porridge)".
More info.

Tunstalls organic bakery. Baker Justin Tunstall spends around four hours lovingly crafting one of his artisan breads before even thinking about putting it in an oven. Relying not on additives, flour improvers or pre-mixes, but rather on his skill, the resulting organic bread is snapped up for its extraordinary texture and flavour. A resolutely organic and traditional craftsman, he insists on using only windmill-powered renewable energy to power his bakery and refuses to invest in weighing or shaping machines. A variety of specialist breads including pain au levain, Italian pagnotta, and honey, sunflower and pumpkin seed are available to buy at farmers markets and specialist food shops.
Tel:- 01350 727924
A very popular food stall, BBQ meats, Buffalo,beef,pork of excellent quality.

Pillars Organic Foods.
More information.

Peelham Farm produce and foods.
Reared slowly outside and fed on home-grown barley and beans, guaranteed free of gmos, growth promoters and antibiotics.

In addition to our delicious Tamworth Hams we also produce Toulouse and Cumberland sausages, rashers, salamis and all the cuts of fresh pork. We make herb mustards to go with our pork and lamb


Laura's Chocolates. I sampled and they're trully fantastic. More information.

Great Grog. More.

Fife Diet, further information.

Fife Diet, strawberry smoothie, blended by bicycle power.

Feasts of India. A guide to the principles and delights of Indian vegetarian cooking.
The focus of Feasts of India is vegetarian food. It features traditional recipes from across India, together with family favourites. It includes quick and simple daily meals alongside more sophisticated dishes for weekend treats, feasts and parties.
Feasts of India tries to demystify the processes which are vital to lending dishes authentic flavour, giving clear, step-by-step instructions. This volumes also includes some information on the nutritional properties of all the key spices, vegetables and other produce used in the recipes. The illustrations in the book are based on the folk arts of India.

Buy Now.Feasts of India: Traditional, Regional and Family Vegetarian Recipes

Fairshares trading, Contact.

Brewsters selling, Roast chicken, Roast Duck, Roast Guinee fowl,Crepes all organically grown. Tel:- 07851 023609

Big Tent Foods here provided by The Falkland Centre for Stewardship.
One Planet Food: food and farming as if people mattered.

Arbroath Smokies
Iain R. Spink's
Original Smokies From Arbroath being cooked on site at The big Tent. Fresh Haddock at it's best.
More on Ian and smokies

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