Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wedding Bible

The Wedding Bible.
This review is from: Wedding Bible (Hardcover)
I'm NOT the Bride. I'm the friend of the Groom and sympathetic ear to the Bride!

I had to step in and do something as it was clear the Groom was doing nothing, and over the past 10 years of our friendship I can happily conclude that he would have carried on doing nothing if action wasn't taken. So, I bought this book as a belated Engagement present to save the Brides sanity and to give the Groom a good kick up the backside.
As a result, the Groom has now woken up to the fact that there is plenty to be getting on with even if they do have 12 months before the wedding. The Brides sanity is saved.
For the Bride she has found this invaluable as it's helped her with wedding etiquette and planning, and of course getting the Groom to make some decisions before the BIG day. It's fantastically illustrated, beautifully presented and insightfully written. The Author REALLY does know what she is writing about.
I can therefore say with confidence that this is a very good buy, so good in fact that I have bought two copies and I can imagine I will be buying many more in the future as more of my friends get married. It's a life line for all future Brides and Grooms.
To Buy:- Wedding Bible

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