Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kennoway Wedding Fife

A Kennoway Wedding in Fife,
The Parish Church in Kennoway dates back to St Kenneth, who preached in the 6th century. The present Romanesque church was built in 1850 and was designed by Thomas Hamilton. Six stained glass windows are by Marjorie Kemp, 1950. Monuments to past ministers. A very good space.
Carole and Adam got wed.

The bride arrives on the brink and waits.

Vows taken.

As pen was put to paper Tara sang, "Ae Fond Kiss" by Robert Burns.

Done, Declared and Sanctified. Happiness.

Getting ready for picture session.

And more gathered.

That's a good shot of the pork scratchings and that's apart from the Champagne, Delicious buffet and cake/cakes.

The Mangers was fine fettle.

The clouds by Lago unravelled in rapport with the happy occasion.

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the mangers was fine fettle?