Sunday, February 21, 2010

Scottish Environment

Scotland's natural environment is its most treasured asset and the subject of its most vociferous debates. In this book Charles Warren tackles the hottest current debates - land reform, the future of farming, public access, conservation of moorland and birds of prey, the place of forestry, and the control of alien species and red deer - and takes up the challenge of integrating conservation with social and economic objectives. The second edition includes a new chapter on energy and the environment, taking in the highest profile environmental issue in Scotland at present: the wind farm controversy, and debates about the appropriate energy mix for the future. There is also a heightened focus throughout on climate change and its implications for the management of Scotland's environment. In addition, the book has been updated throughout to take account of recent changes in environmental and related social and political issues.

Key Features
integrated, up-to-date and in-depth treatment of all the main debates about the Scottish environment
examines the ethical issues behind environmental decision-making
accessibly written for the non-specialist
balanced, even-handed treatment of the issues.

Those who actually wish to help to solve Scotland's environmental problems will find this an invaluable survey and an inspiration. And those who simply want to be better informed could not do better than read it. -- Chris Smout This is a welcome and timely publication on environmental issues in Scotland. It captures the tensions of ongoing debates, the likely implications of impending policy changes and future challenges!a useful textbook for students as well as providing an overview for professionals and a good read for a wider audience. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management Warren successfully integrates the theoretical and the practical... The issues may have a local context but many of them have a global resonance. This is an unusual book that deserves international interest as well as attention from within Scotland. -- Alexander Mather Land Use Policy Charles Warren succeeds in doing Scotland a masterful service by producing a brilliant compilation of environmental facts, figures, policies and debates all nested in national, British and European context... I prophesy that Warren's book will come to be seen as the Bible of Scots environmentalism. -- Alastair McIntosh Warren's book is extremely timely and welcome! The book is wide ranging, covering key land uses, debates and policy measures, together with principles and practices of the environmental management! The text is detailed and extremely well documented. Journal of Rural Studies --Reviews
To Buy. Managing Scotland's Environment: Second Edition

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