Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carol Day Shamanic Teacher North Fife

Carol day at the door of her Gallery, Ceres, North Fife. The little red drum is a Shamanic school, practice and gallery based in Fife, Scotland. It was founded in 2009 by Carol Day.
The vision is to offer shamanic healing and education to people who are drawn to shamanism. It is to provide a schedule of workshops and individual sessions which will enable people to come closer to living a life of their choosing, in harmony with the natural world and with the nourishment of holistic community.
The little red drum is the instrument used by the shaman to call in the spirit of all things, to align us with the universal pulse and direct the flow of spiritual healing. It is also the heart in every woman, man, child or creature.
Carol Day began her Shamanic apprenticeship in 1996 when the death of her maternal grandmother brought about powerful mystical experiences and propelled her onto the Shaman’s path.

Her journey as an artist, yearning to understand creative energy and become clear about her role as an artist-healer finally clicked when she realised that the type of art she was talking about was called Shamanism.

Carol received her official shamanic training in Findhorn where she lived for two years studying the sun and moon cycles with Franco Santoro, and then at Lendrick Lodge where she was endorsed as a Shamanic Practitioner by Sandra Ingerman under the brilliant tuition of Stephen Mullhearn. She also studied with Heather Ash Amara and Raven Smith of the Eagle Knight lineage who remain two of her most inspiring teachers.

Carol is a qualified Advanced Firewalk Instructor with Peggy Dylan, the founder of The Sundoor School of Firewalking. She is a practicing Reiki Master and Teacher, initiated by Claudia Duncan. Reiki complements and energises her Shamanic work.

Carol is grateful to the community of Findhorn for the spiritual enlightenment and guidance she received living in its wider community and for the strength and nurturance it continues to give her today. She is committed to being a part of bringing spiritual community alive wherever she goes and where she is based in Ceres, Fife, Scotland.

She is indebted to her guides and the practice of journeying for teaching her to see that the outer mirrors the inner and for providing the education on how to work with this awareness. She is devotedly thankful for her two children without whom she knows she would never have come as close to learning the teachings of presence, patience and unconditional love, without which all the Shamanic teachings in the world would be inoperative.
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