Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flisk Point River Tay North Fife

Flisk Point on The River Tay North Fife. A lovely bright day, plenty of sunshine though still quite cold. The BBC weather forecast this morning was that the whole of the UK would be dull cloudy with rain, so often the forecast has a strong English bias, reluctant to say it will be quite good elsewhere. SE centric.

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Rick said...

Lovely picture. Do you happen to know that Flisk features in Kathleen Jamie's marvellous poem, Den of the Old Men? Its first few lines will entice you to read the rest if you don't know it! "C'mon ye auld buggers, one by one / this first spring day, slowly down / the back braes with your walking sticks / and wee brown dugs, saying: Aye, lass a snell wind yet but braw..."