Wednesday, August 27, 2008

North Fife The Earth

Construction in Kolkata, formerly Calcutta India. I like this photo of the meeting of home grown (bamboo scaffolding)and high rise concrete construction, a wee bit of a wobble in the traditional materials. Such use would not be allowed here but needs must. It's good to see others benefiting from an improvement in civic and living conditions and indeed India like so many so called third world countries are coming on a pace. Due to 1st world countries earlier and present rapacious use of world resource and the example we portray it's little wonder that others will aspire to equal standards. Sadly it's not sustainable and we as a species, so successful, the world is being over exploited of mineral, vegetation, fishes, you name it. It has been shown that another three worlds are needed for all mankind to achieve the same standard of material life as say America. Something has to give. We are out of balance and deep within we all know. What a legacy we are growing for those who follow. Anyway, below is where we all live together, me in north fife and you where you are, not separate in anyway at all.

The Earth. Do you recognise it? It's a changing.

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