Sunday, August 17, 2008

Annapurna Nepal

I was in my garden today checking my peas, a modest crop but still in flower. I remembered being in Nepal on a trail back from Muktinath in March, Already, peas had been harvested and were strewn about on roofs and the ground to dry in masses. The terraced garden plots provide a wide range of vegetable products. At higher altitudes growth starts much later and in the rhododendron forests the only way the trail is discernible in the labyrinth of tree trunks and leaf litter are the crushed bodies of ladybirds, trod on when they emerged from hibernation. I found it impossible to ignore the splendour of the snow clad peaks in the Annapurna range, looking up and then down, up again, incredible.

Nepalese village with peas drying on the roof tops.

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