Monday, June 30, 2008

Phone box North Fife

The phone box in Brunton North Fife is likely to be away soon as British Telecom prune their remit of public service. A pity, Brunton itself lies within a bowl surrounded by hills with little cell phone connectivity, should anything occur the opportunity to contact the emergency services will be less. Few people now carry flags where they might climb the nearest hill and semaphore to get assistance. Only the really on the ball carry a BT phone card.
Anyway, hugging the box is Lonicera Nitida, behind, Holly tree, Bird Cherry and Beech trees. Alongside and dwarfing it a Gunnera plant but not seen is the wee burn, just a few hundred metres from the spring that starts this tributary of the Motray Water that meanders around north fife, runs south east to Guardbridge and spills over a weir into the Eden Estuary. Amazingly, in spite of agricultural chemicals fish can be found in Brunton.

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