Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coble Boat Race Trophy North Fife 2008

Coble Boat Race Trophy North Fife 2008. The Boat Races at Newburgh North Fife take place yearly normally next to the Highland Games by day. In 1999 I was approached to make a memorial Trophy in memory of Tam Ross, a builder of Coble fishing boats working out of Newburgh mainly for Salmon and Sea trout. The trophy is for the fastest heat. Cruel, it's a toss up between busting a gut for the trophy or conserving energy for the final and maybe winning a cash prise. The Sterling Silver model is of 1/32nd scale, a coble being 16ft. The plinth is Mahogany and with a convex to allude to the prow to water angle. In the making with repeated red hot silver solders as each piece was built in place, it sagged a wee bit and lost its thrusting line. Och well. The internal spars were originally copper riveted to the hull. There are a couple of gold rivets in place on the model but multiples were a stretch too far in the making. I did my best.
The boat races take place tomorrow come wind or shine, it might rain, it often does. Hopefully I'll be able to show you.

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