Sunday, November 25, 2007

North Fife Lamb Recipe

Bouquet garni organically grown at Flisk :- Lovage, Thyme, Parsley, Leave Celery, wrapped in Leek outer leaf with garlic, tomatoes and a potato. Cooked with the beans imparting an amazing flavour.
Beans, these are the last of the climbing beans from the garden, the colours, I find, are incredible.
In this north fife lamb recipe the rich colours are sadly lost in the cooking. The lamb sausages were fried, some of the resulting fat was used to make a rue which was added to some of the bean water. The dish was garnished with garden grown corriander. The Boiled potatoes were drained and cut into bite size pieces and fried in the the resulting fats from the sausages. The colour could have been better but the tastes were a delight.

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