Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heston Blumenthal in North Fife

Tonight I watched Heston Blumenthal on BBC television where he spent time in north east fife fishing villages talking of the virtues of fresh caught Scottish sea foods. I intend to buy this book which accompanies his TV series and is inspirational.Further Adventures in Search of Perfection Heston Blumenthal's TV series, In Search of Perfection as shown on BBC2 in autumn 2006, was so popular and successful that he has been commissioned for a second series this autumn. This book will accompany the series in the same way that Heston's first book, In Search of Perfection, complemented the original programme. It will examine a further eight classic dishes to find out how to cook them to perfection, as well as exploring the culture and history behind the food we eat. The list of dishes to be featured is: Trifle, Baked Alaska, Fish Pie, Hamburger, Peking Duck, Chicken Tikka Masala, Risotto and Chilli Con Carne. This will be another fascinating, original and inspiring look at kitchen classics. The demonstration of preparation and cooking of the fish pie was facinating/informative. For recipe!

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