Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pheasants that may soon be in North Fife

Extraordinary Pheasants
The author and photographer who brought Abrams Extraordinary Chickens (now in its fourth printing) is back with another singular and charming book. With gorgeous color photographs and informative text, Stephen Green-Armytage turns his attention to the pheasant family, capturing with his camera pheasants of all sizes, shapes, and colors and illuminating gorgeous feather patterns and other decorative details worthy of French fabric designers. The varieties included range from the noble Ringneck pheasant, so popular with hunters, to the gorgeous Congo peacock. Breeders and enthusiasts will find this volume a treasure they must own; for others it will be a revelation, worth having for the sheer enjoyment of the striking photographs and the amazing birds they portray.

It has long been my intention to breed and release some of these exotic pheasants into North Fife, How it goes remains to be seen but it is a way of creating a subtle paradise. As conservation and habitat quality are more to the fore of peoples awareness it could become a viable happening. Mind you the thought of them being shot for pleasure appals me. I will be happy to receive any advice on such an endeavour.

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