Sunday, July 22, 2007

Herbalism in North Fife

Herbalism in North Fife. Matthew Wood explores how herbs are not only invaluable for healing, but as reference points for exploring the natural world. He mixes descriptions from botanical and homeopathic literature with the clinical truths he has discovered as a healer.

Herbalism in North Fife My partner Kerstin has trained in Tibetan and Western Herbal Medicinal Practice, as a consequence our garden is home to many plants as well as various local growing habitats being known to us, for example the post below. There are many and in time I hope to post on other examples.

A recent revival of Western Herbalism, along with other systems of natural, traditional and holistic medicine, has brought to light a missing link, namely a system of medicine by which the herbs could be applied to the human body. Herbalism does not fit into modern biomedicine and the original system of medicine has disappeared. In contrast, a background philosophy and system of medicine accompanies homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Now, this book resuscitates and brings Western Herbalism up to date in relation to the human body.

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