Monday, July 30, 2007

Wild Flowers North Fife

Along the way from Upper Flisk today there are on the verge of the road small clusters every 40 meters or so of Scabious flowers. For a month or so the flowers provide a rich supply of nectar to many insects. A small tortoiseshell butterfly illustrates.
A complete photoguide to all the wild flowers of Britain, in the same format as the bestselling "Complete British Wildlife". There are 1039 main entries, which include wildflowers, shrubs, aquatic plants, grasses, sedges and rushes. A botanical hotspots section includes 100 rarer species and focuses on which places to visit in Britain which are particularly rich in flower species. The introduction gives information about habitats and general background information to making identifications. Comparison pages show different leaf shapes, flower clusters etc, so that you can quickly and easily navigate to the right section of the book to make your identification. Maps are included for all species to show where they can be found.

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