Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scottish Referendum voting Newburgh North Fife

People in Newburgh North Fife were out in force casting their all important votes today, by lunchtime 45% had done so. Of the few I spoke to, one was a don't know due to being confused by the spin and debate and decided not to vote at all. Others fell into both camps about 50 - 50 which if it reflects the final outcome, half of us will be disappointed, half jubilant. Acceptance will be the order of the day.

 All very divisive, even one of my daughters has fallen out with her long term boyfriend over the issue.
A dreich day that never the less enriches the colours in the local fields. Us too are being enriched by being mindfully involved in such an important transformation. I'm now off myself to submit my choice.
Just back....the turn out at 7-45pm was 87%, amazing, the polling booths are open till 10-00pm. It will be higher.

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