Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scottish Referendum North Fife

Tonight I for one and many millions know that to vote YES is the best thing since sliced bread in the referendum.What a chance to be free of the vested punitive interested status quo, a sense of oppression, historic and present under  Westminster rule. Who in their right mind would vote for more of the same. An opportunity for grass roots politics to organically emerge and grow into a new order of equality, fairness, shared prosperity, openness, to be fulfilled and happy.

Straw bales with something to say, a tremendous energy abounds just about everywhere, in the villages, towns, cities, the islands, highlands & lowlands. There are signs/flags in fields, gardens, hanging out of windows, all over. A momentous time that is already shaking things up.A new order which ever way the vote goes. A catalyst for change for the better all over the UK or K. Ken?
Friday, we will all know.

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