Friday, May 24, 2013

Pheasants North Fife

Road Killed Pheasant

Road kill pheasant, always distressing to see, it will be missed by his harem of hens though at this time of the year they will be quickly enchanted by other cocks. The mating imperative is strong just now, by the way how are you feeling? I digress, bred for shooting, pheasants are just about everywhere, not the brightest of birds compared to others, they frequently fall fowl (sorry) to road traffic. I see many victims and today I stopped and picked  this one up. My daughter could see a use for the exotic feathers and myself its value for eating and why not, free range, organic diet, what could be better unless you are vegetarian.
Traditionally game birds are hung for a time so they are more tender, the taste is stronger but in my experience not necessary. Coq au vin recipes will do you fine to get the best.

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