Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bluebells North Fife

Today I visited Dundee,City of Discovery. seen here from North Fife looking over The River Tay.

 The day has been blessed with continual sunshine magnifying the presence of flowers of all kinds.

Oilseed Rape, Gorse, Bluebells and trees of many varieties.

 A fabulous stand of wild native Bluebells along a roadside giving off a strong perfume in the shafts of sunlight filtering through the mature trees which form an avenue of olfactory and visual delight.

Not so good if you suffer from Hay fever.

A very worn out Queen Bumblebee, not having a long enough proboscis for bluebells and other flowers pierce a hole at the base of the flowers to drink nectar. She later half buzzed down into the grass and roosted, tired, intoxicated or both, who can tell.

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