Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Years Day North Fife

At this time of the year the "I Ching" (book of changes)recommends that the superior man stays indoors for rest and recuperation, how wise. The ground environment lies dormant, vegetation has died back, roots gathering nutrients for the fresh new growth in the spring. Having over done it last year, my body screams out for rest, going outside I still enjoy the ever changing skies over the River Tay in North Fife.
At least 5000 years old, the I Ching is a book of oracles containing the whole of human experience. Used for divination, it is a method of exploring the unconscious; through the symbolism of its hexagrams we are guided towards the solution of difficult problems and life situations. It can also be read as a book of wisdom revealing the laws of life to which we must all attune ourselves if we are to live in peace and harmony. I have consulted it for more than 40 years, it puts a different spin on life events and can lead to acceptable insight and understanding. A good aspiration. Should you seek understanding then you could look and buy here. .I Ching or Book of Changes (Arkana)
New Years Day North Fife.
A few minutes later the sky takes on a deeper hue. All change, January 3rd and it's grey skies over North Fife.
Time to retreat indoors and rest, Happy, healthy and prosperous New year to you.

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sam said...

Those pictures are absolutely fantastic, For me New Year is a time of quiet where i reflect and what has happened over the year. New years day is thin,king about what i want to do over the year, if you have a look at what you wanted at the beginning of the year and what you have have at the end of the year ... they are nbever the same ... how wonderful and full of adventure is that