Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rain December 22nd North Fife

December 22nd 2010 North Fife. We all know it has been raining big style over the whole of the UK, many places flooded, whole towns in the South West of England. We are having our not so wee rain dump as well, in places to roads are rivers, many closed, water gushing from fields, roadside ditches blocked, the overflow going wherever forming ponds in the dips and hollows in the roads, Ok if you wade the car slowly through.
A typical water hazard, not so bad compared with so many other places. Nevertheless it focuses the mind on climate change, actually it's not change, it's climate extremes. Just a bit more of whatever quality, too wet, too...... and not in accordance with the seasonal norms. What can one do? Just see it as the way it is. Be mindful and reduce anything that contributes harm to our environment, this is the only one we have.

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