Saturday, September 29, 2012

Abernethy Tower

Abernethy Tower, Perth and Kinross adjacent to North fife. The tower stands 23 metres high in the centre of Abernethy and from the top has commanding views. The functional clock was installed in 1868 which now activates a mechanism which pull the bell rope, chiming every hour.
Abernethy Tower Bronze bell cast in 1782.
Entrance door to the tower, the key can be obtained from the Tea room along side. Inside the climb to the top is accessed by a spiral steel staircase which has replaced wooden ladders between several floors. On reaching the top final access is a wee steel ladder through a trap door.
Abernethy Square from the top of the tower. Abernethy is steeped in History, has a wee museum displaying historical facts, that it was an important Pict cultural centre and before. Well worth a visit and in this day and age Free.

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