Monday, July 04, 2011

Wind Turbine Flisk North Fife

This wind turbine appeared a few weeks ago replacing a rather noisy Swedish design. Fortunately it's relatively silent. It sits about 150 metres south of my home. Specification:
Rotor Diameter 12.8 m
Tower 20 m Monopole
Max Power 20 kW
An. Yield @ 5m/s av. 47,750 kWh
Rated Wind Speed 9.0 m/s
Min active wind speed 2.2 m/s
Cut out wind speed None
Annual Carbon Saving 26 - 30 Tonnes
Noise @ 5m/s at 60m 40 dBA
Rated RPM 110 rpm
Method of Installation Hydraulic Tilt

Wind Turbine at Flisk North Fife.

Manufactured by C7F Green Energy. This particular model is CF 20. Has been installed on Fliskmillan Farm home of Ecodyn Click here for more information.


Anonymous said...

A carbuncle in the way of a great view!

Wind Turbine Ireland said...

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