Saturday, July 09, 2011

Order of Tiron visit Newburgh

On Wednesday 6th July a delegation from France visited Newburgh as part of a study trip in order to make contact with the former dependencies of the L'Order of Tiron.
Led by Victor Provot, President of the order of Tiron, Mayor of Thiron-Gardais, Head of tourism and guide of the Abbey of Thiron Gardais. Accompanied by Francoise Garnier, Mayors secretary and secretary L'Order of Tiron. Evelyne Jego, treasurer L'Order of Tiron on Student exchange. Marika Dalibard, International Commerce, photographer, interpreter. Fanny Pouteau, Orchards "open gardens" history of fruit trees. Teresa Priolet, Interpreter. Manon Girard, Co-ordinator of study trip, studying for her Masters degree in Cultural projects, History & History of Arts. Objectives being to represent the Community of Thiron Gardais, gather information/history of "daughters" Abbeys in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.
All in preparation for the 900th (2014) Anniversary of the completion of L'abbey de Thiron.
Met by Newburgh Orchard Group, Caroline Guthrie,Chairperson. Paul Dodman, Treasurer. Julie Reilly, secretary.
Newburgh History Society, Gordon Pitkethly, chairperson.
Community Council, Andrew Arbuckle Fife Councillor.
Newburgh Action Group, Pat Dalrymple.

Last year Kevin Rielly contacted Victor Provot in his research into the origins of the Pear trees found in Lindores Abbey, one the oldest in Scotland at (82ft) tall. In return Victor sent a book on the apple & pear trees found in the Perche Region of France and an indication of a planned visit to Lindores Abbey.

An engraved glass present designed by by Paul Dodman being received by Victor Provot.

Lindores Abbey, and its Burgh of Newbugh their History and Annals being presented by Gordon Pitkethly as chairman of Newburgh History Society.

Victor Provot and Gordon Pitkethly connect.

A good exchange.

Victor Provot presenting to Caroline Guthrie Chairperson of Newburgh Orchard Group.

Kevin Reilly honoured.

A happy bunch. From the left:- Caroline Guthrie, Victor Provot, Kevin Reilly, Paul Dodman, Gordon Pitkethly, Julie Reilly and Andrew Arbuckle.

Medal Thiron-Gardais as received by Newburgh office holders.

Plaque of the Association L'Ordre de Tiron to be screwed firmly down on a wall at Lindores Abbey.

Food provided by Newburgh Orchard Group, Newburgh Action Group, Community Council, Tayside Community council and John Pearson (baker). A wonderful and delicious spread of cooked meets, river caught wild salmon, salads, pies, fresh fruits, brandy preserved pears, very more-ish fresh cream and strawberry scones. A feast.


The Order of Tiron had much influence in Scotland, a Monk having drafted the famous Declaration of Arbroath.

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