Monday, June 06, 2011

Wind Turbines North Fife

Wind Turbines are about to become a contentious issue locally as Scottish National Heritage mount a rearguard action in arguing against an installation of three masts on aesthetic grounds, that the turbines are large and can be seen by the local community, though the majority welcome them, passing train passengers, from afar across the river Tay and as such spoil the landscape. Of course they will be seen just as pylons, telegraph poles, street signs etc. Power station cooling towers, nuclear power stations and all the potential life threatening dangers they offer. Not heard though like jet fighters screaming overhead. These other elements of life are accepted. Pragmatically it is eminently sensible to support a method that reduces carbon and nuclear dependency. The sight of turbines should give rise to pride in helping our world to survive in a sustainable way.

Wind Turbines.
"Wind Turbine Technology", is a comprehensive and well illustrated text on the theory and operations of wind turbines that generate electricity for power companies and local communities. This text is written for an introductory course in wind energy technology. It prepares readers for a career as wind energy technicians who are responsible for maintaining, servicing and troubleshooting turbines on wind farms. This is an inclusive text that covers the main subjects associated with wind turbines. Dr. Hemami uses a practical, step-by-step manner with many examples and applications to help students to have a better understanding of the material. The text is divided into 17 progressive chapters. The book is divided into progressive sections, starting with fundamental subjects such as energy in the wind and effect of wind on a blade and continues onto more advanced materials such as grid connection and economics of wind turbines.

For those of you interested in the application and maintenance of such structures in North Fife Scotland where installation is about to begin in a big way, then this publication will help you on your way.
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Anonymous said...

Three one hundred metre turbines plus attendant buildings that will dominate the landscape for miles around.
The land is designated as being of 'great landscape value' but a few shysters want to desecrate it, purely for financial gain.
Comparing them to telegraph poles and pylons is disingenuous.
Pushed forward by self-interested parties with fanciful tales of reward for Newburgh, this has featured in the press and brings shame on those involved.
Check Fife Council's website (planning section) to find some strong opposition to this scam.
There is also the blog
if you want to comment on this.
Jock Ferguson

Anonymous said...

This is a spoof article, right?

The latest outfit in St Andrews to fall into the trap of circulating such rubbish is the University of St Andrews, who want to build a wind farm too. You would have thought they could do some proper research, and wouldn't want to wreck Fife too....